Time Control

2007 09 05 015 edited The key to building and managing a project schedule is getting all project stake holders on the same page and going in the same direction. In construction; competing project labor needs, weekly and seasonal environmental variables, as well as lead times associated with the off site fabrications and delivery of multiple materials, can play havoc on the orchestrated schedule plan. As with any project of a complex nature, Arbour Construction Management Inc. will develop a detailed and comprehensive schedule for your project to ensure timely deliveries and successful completion of each phase of construction. Arbour Construction Management Inc. is equipped to respond to this requirement with a comprehensive schedule development system.

43edited Arbour Construction Management Inc’s. scheduling system utilizes a computerized CPM program to develop a system network analysis of the project schedule. The program has the capability to incorporate a precedence network, a bar chart planning schedule, activity report, plus other printouts such as cost analysis, and early, late and average start and schedule graphs. The purpose or objective of scheduling is to prepare a written plan that will result in the most efficient use of equipment and manpower in the construction of a project within the minimum allotted time. The project will be planned from commencement, consistent with the preliminary progress schedule prepared by the estimating manager and the project manager during the bid phase. The schedule will involve sufficient detail to establish delivery dates for critical materials such as electrical gear, transformers, chillers, boilers, casework, structural steel, etc. Special requirements for the various occupancy dates will be addressed.

Other key considerations utilized in preparing the schedule would be as follows:

1. Immediate needs for new utility services.
2. Maximum separation of construction forces from nearby on-going activities.
3. Access to and from areas of construction.
4. Type of utilities and location feeding this area.
5. Type of operation in surrounding areas.

foundation shear walls To serve your needs Arbour Construction Management Inc. will:

1. Develop a master project time schedule which will include sub-schedules for individual component phases of the project.

2. Coordinate and integrate the design efforts into the total development schedule.

3. Describe to contractors, their submittal schedules, delivery expectations and early-late start and finish dates throughout the project’s duration.

4. Coordinate the design, construction, and owner occupancy requirements.

5. Describe to the Owner’s representatives, their anticipated funding obligations.

6. Inform administrative personnel of any special treatments that may be required with regard to safety, traffic control, crowd control, etc. as to location and time.

7. Project schedule control will be exercised by constant review and updating, by measuring actual production against planned production, and by determining causes for deficiencies in production in order to balance activities so as to accommodate the overall project timetable.

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