Mutifamily / Senior Housing


Seniors are an invaluable resource to be treasured. Bodies become less nimble while minds often times remain very sharp. Program spaces promoting group interaction and activities are as important as construction of modern, safe, secure and fully accessible living accommodations. Whether it be new construction or historic renovation let Arbour Construction Management Inc. help you serve the needs of this vibrant and essential demographic.

Senior Housing East Elev

Another part of Arbour’s multifamily portfolio of experience is public housing. Arbour’s staff has successfully completed environmental monitoring and construction management activities related to the lead based paint and asbestos abatement of over one thousand units of public housing on several multi acre project sites. We are proud to have been a key part of these environmental betterment projects which will positively impact the lives of many thousands of current and future residents, giving children a chance to grow up in a safe and clean home.

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