Child and Family Services

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Child & Family Services is an umbrella under which children, adults, and families are provided with a vast array of mental health and human service programs including: family counseling, family mental health services, preventive services, foster care, special needs adoption and after-hours protective services, residential treatment services for youth, special education programs, domestic violence prevention, treatment and intervention services, community-based services, and family life education.

Ropes Course

Arbour staff has been building structures to serve such programs for nearly twenty-five years. What we have learned during that extended period of time is the importance of interweaving building layout and design with the program. Take the Ropes Course Building pictured at left. High bay, clear spans allow for a perceived sense of an expansive space. Open space allows for tall rock wall and; a challenging multilevel ropes course layout which works to build clients self confidence. Arbour is certain that when clients are afforded room to once again grow; and yes dream, only then can they begin to see past today’s pain toward a brighter tomorrow.

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Treatment seeks to improve dysfunctional behavior patterns in all areas. Staff teach the skills needed to prepare children and families for discharge back home or to another permanent resource, or to a lower level of care, with all necessary support services. We respectfully ask that you allow Arbour Construction Management Inc. to share its knowledge base with you, and work together to grow the clients, their self image, and their outcomes.

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