Fourteen Bed Residential Treatment Facility

14 bed ext progress

Arbour has been retained to provide a full compliment of construction management services on a new fourteen bed residential treatment facility outside Ithaca, NY. The facility is approximately 7,000 square feet in size and has unique exterior and interior finish elements.

img_2990 existing column

The building resides on a site of historic note as it is the cornerstone of the campus and site of the former Freeville Inn where the existing entry columns to same have been retained for inclusion in this project’s exterior design element set.


Exterior building and site elements such as cedar cladding, pergola links, rear parking and play areas, together with landscaping, stone pavers and asphalt paving are now complete, as is the project’s NYS code required Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan has been final inspected. The facility will provide many years of use to clients who by living there will see this as a place of refuge, growth and potential.

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